My  series  ‘the long road home’  evokes the sensuality and desire that can exist at advancing years, the intensity of emotion and intimacy pulling two people together, and the longing for connection with another. My images open and expose this couple’s  vulnerability, their ideas about aging and sexuality, their constructs of who they were, and who they are now.


Hinting at the identity and narrative behind this aging couple – the landscape, the prominence of the road, the pair of graceful sandhill cranes who are silent but vivid witnesses – each work in this series is a visual narrative born from memories obtained from a full measure of lived experiences –  loves, losses, achievements, disappointments. These lovers exist in both the past and present moment, isolated unto themselves and yet interconnected with the world around them.  Their story is told both through the physicality of their aging bodies and in the images of memory, places and times past that form the world in which they now exist.