we are the space between the fish and the moon
Annette has been drawing the human figure since she was a first year art student at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, over forty-five years ago! Her first attempts were fairly innocent – and awful! A very naive young girl from small town Saskatchewan, when Annette was first confronted with nude models in life drawing class, she tried to draw them without actually looking at them. Needless to say, the drawings were not very successful. Over the years, Annette continued going to figure drawing sessions whenever and wherever she could, and came to highly value the beauty and complexity of the human body and the challenge that rendering it presents to the artist. After numerous warm up exercises in gesture and contour line, Annette often zeros in on a portion of the body in any given drawing session, and loves to do portraiture. She usually works in charcoal and conte, often on toned paper. All of the drawings here were completed during 2-3 hour drawing sessions.